Decided to change the spark plugs on the 09 Altima today. Considering its never been done and the car has 120k miles on it...shame on me.

First I need to go to sears and pick up a few things, namely:

- set of craftsman sparkplug sockets

- set of craftsman extensions bar

- possibly a set of craftsman hex and torx bits, Im undecided


So Sears is a mess and they didnt have the 18mm spark plug socket. So I wont be doing that today, just picked up the extension set and a quick multi hex wrench but not the socket set. Turns out that was stoopid on my part. I needed them because I needed 8mm hex and it only goes to 6mm. Went to Lowes and picked up a Kobalt set of hex and viola. I was able to install my ECS strut tower bar on my e46.

Really like the Kobalt tools and they worked fine on my craftsman ratchets.