So I recently have a new addition to the family, a 1 month old baby girl. We are a now a family of four and my midsize sedan has me wanting some additional space to accomodate everyone accordingly.

Ive been mulling over getting a used wagon since there arent really any nice new ones on the market. Ive been leaning towards the VW Passat because of all included features, MPG and cargo capacity. Plus it looks great.

For some reason though I havent been able to find too many in the NY/NJ area in my price range for a used car.

The next thing I was considering was...the dreaded minivan. I hate the idea of owning one but with two small children the ease of getting in and out and the additional seating capacity is alluring. I just cant stand bearing that moniker. The two minivans I'd consider would be new Honda Odessy or Nissan Quest. Currently owning a Nissan Altima (2009) and liking the brand I am leaning more towards the Quest.


Too bad it doesnt look like this though, cause thats a cool minivan.

Lastly I considered SUV or crossover vehicle and narrowed it to a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder. It has all the capacity of the minivan and slightly better MPG. Im not enamoured with it but it does have all the capabilities I'd like.


Seats 7 just like Quest but not necessarily the easiest to get in and out because of the traditional doors. The sliding rear seats means getting to the 3rd row is fairly easy.

Now, what I really want is a fun, cheap, good on gas daily driver for my 60+ mile round trip to work.